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Seasoned Cast Iron Dosa Tawa (11 Inches)

(23 customer reviews)


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This Tawa is made of cast iron, an alloy made up of iron, silica, and carbon, with iron being the dominant constituent at 97%. Cast Iron adds very similar quantities of trace iron into the food cooked on them.

This Tawa is designed flat and thereby most suited for Dosa. Crispy and Crunchy Dosas can be made using this Tawa with the batter is at room temperature.

Perfectly seasoned and ready to use.

Additional Information:

Weight-2.2kgs Approximately.

Length: 12inches.

Usage and maintenance:

Clean with Mild detergent before using. Dust the flour and Wipe off with Cloth or tissue after use and Store in Plastic Bag until for the next use.

Do not clean with Water.

Note: Product will be delivered in 4-5 working days.

Additional information

Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions36 × 36 × 7 cm

23 reviews for Seasoned Cast Iron Dosa Tawa (11 Inches)

  1. umasrimat

    Sir i want to buy iron dosa tawa they are not available.can u plz tell me when they will be available.

    • VismaiFood

      Hello Madam,
      Very Soon Will update you with the new products.

  2. swathisri138

    Want to but this tawa, but product isout of stock

    • VismaiFood

      It is in the stock now. Please visit the website

  3. bindusri1622

    Hello sir,
    I want to buy dosa tawa.can you plz tell me when it is available.

    • VismaiFood

      It’s is available now Kindly visit the website

  4. K. Lakshmi Karthi

    Hello sir,
    I want to buy dosa TaWa, it was showing out of stock, can u plz ping when it’s available and how to order too

    • VismaiFood

      Kindly visit our website on Monday or Tuesday certainly it will be available

  5. Bhagya Lakshmi

    Sir,I want to buy dosa tawa product.Can u notify us about the availability.

    • VismaiFood

      Kindly visit on Monday or Tuesday Certainly it will be available

  6. Pallavi Vallapuneni

    Hi Sir.. Wanna buy this dosa tawa.. please lemme know whenever it is available.. Thankyou

  7. K. Lakshmi Karthi

    I want to buy this product, Pls let me know when it is available

    • VismaiFood

      Hello Madam, By Monday or Tuesday it will be available

  8. Bindu

    How to order this iron dosa tawa..when it is available please tell me.i want to buy this dosa tawa.

    • VismaiFood

      iron dosa tawas are out of stock, will update with Cast iron dosa tawas by Monday or Tuesday

  9. rregoti

    Sir when it will be in stock?????

    • VismaiFood

      By Monday or Tuesday

  10. Arvnd Kumar

    Hi Team can I know, the availability of the cast iron dosa pan and cast iron kadai. Please if possible just send a msg on 08983355880. Thanks Vismai Team.
    Regards Arvind kumar

    • VismaiFood

      Hello Aravind,

      Currently, Cast iron Dosa Tawas are available. Very soon will update you request.

  11. prathibhasridhar.k

    Hai annaya
    I want to buy this product but it is not available now when it will available and one more thing I live in Australia how can I get that…Annaya

    • VismaiFood

      Sorry Madam Very Soon will try to deliver to out of the country for sure

  12. Ramya Sruthi (verified owner)

    Super satisfied with this tawa…dosas are coming out really well

    • VismaiFood

      Thanks for your feedback, Our Skillet Works on Induction too. it is heavy bottomed Cast Iron Skillet. It works well for fries.

  13. Kavya Jwala (verified owner)

    Reasonably priced! Tried Pesarattu… doesn’t stick to the tawa. Happy with the product! Recommend it! 🙂

  14. Swathi

    Waiting to buy this tawa, Am checking on mon n Tues too but never I have seen this product is available to purchase

  15. durga rani

    hello sir 11 ich castiron dosa tawa not avilable.when it is avilable.please inform.

  16. chaitu.vvr

    Hi Annaya, I want to buy dosa tawa and iron kadai, but it is out of stock can you please tell when the products will be available

  17. bhanu88858

    Hi Bro, I want to take the Dosa Tawa. Please let me know, when it will be available in the stock.

    • VismaiFood

      Now the product is available kindly place the order

  18. Jagadeeswari

    Is it used for roti,polka

    • VismaiFood

      Yes, you can.

  19. neelima

    want to buy this ..plz tell me how to get it !! when will it be available??

    • VismaiFood

      Now it is in stock. Please visit the page

  20. neelima

    out of stock kada??

  21. Ashwini

    Hi Team,

    Could you please let me know if we can use this tawa on electric stove??
    And also do we need to clean with mild detergent only before using?? It means after using we are not supposed to clean with water??

    Please let me know when it will be avialable for purchase

    Thank you

    • VismaiFood

      It may not work on induction. Since it is handmade cannot expect a perfectly flat surface. a few might work.
      Clean this tawa with mild detergent and add lots of oil and heat. Rub with onion or potato for few minutes and wipe off the oil and start using it. Do not clean with water after every use, wipe excess oil with any flour and cover in a plastic bag.

  22. Venugopal

    I need this, pls let me know when it is available .

    • VismaiFood

      Kindly visit in a few days. it will be updated

  23. Shivakala (verified owner)

    In middles dosas are burning,ordered with full expectations,but not working well, pls help to solve the problem..

    • VismaiFood

      Hello Madam

      Cast Iron holds a lot of heat, once the tawa is hot reduce the flame to medium and roast dosas. Then it works well.

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