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Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (10 Inches)

(6 customer reviews)


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This Skillet is made of Cast iron, an alloy made up of iron, silica, and carbon, with iron being the dominant constituent at 97%.

Cast Iron adds very similar quantities of trace iron into the food cooked on them.

This Cast Iron Skillet can be used for Roasting, Curries and Making wet gravies, etc.

Additional Information:

Weight: 3 kgs Approximately.

Size: 11 inch Cast Iron Skillet(cook space) The total length from one end to the other including the handle is 14 inches.

The entire vessel is made of cast iron and therefore can be used on a gas stove, Induction, and oven.

Cleaning instructions:

Clean with regular scrub and dish wash agent. Apply castor oil all over the pan if it is not in use for a longer time.

Note: Product will be delivered in 3-4 working days.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions36 × 36 × 10 cm

6 reviews for Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (10 Inches)

  1. Sudhakar bodapati

    I would like to get tis product.could you please let me know when tis will be available.Thank u

    • VismaiFood

      In 4-5 days for sure. It is in seasoning

    • VismaiFood

      It will be updated by Monday

  2. Deepthy

    I want this product when it will be back.

    • VismaiFood

      By Thursday For sure madam.

    • VismaiFood

      Kindly visit our website on Monday or Tuesday Certainly it will be available. you can purchase rachippalu atoo

  3. chaitu.vvr

    Hi Annaya, I am looking for iron Kadai,cavity appam and dosa tawa,but it’s not showing in site, please arrange this products I really want to buy it

  4. bindusri1622

    Hi sir, I want to buy iron kadai, but it’s not showing in the site. May I know when it is available…

  5. chaitu.vvr

    Hi Annaya, the products are good, but I want iron Kadai, dosa tawa and 9 cavity appam, may I know when the products will be available

  6. rupa.dovapati

    I need this product when it will be back

    • VismaiFood

      Now it is stock madam.

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